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DivaWorld Fitness Challenge: SparkleNLace

Published April 19, 2014 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


Shining on all the haters



Fitness Challenge Diva

Fitness Challenge Diva SparkleNLace


Sparky’s story:
I have been working with a personal trainer since February 15, 2014. My dietitian asked me to consider partnering with a personal trainer after learning that the exercise routine I devised for myself (elliptical and treadmill) did not make me sweat. The personal training sessions have taken me in a direction that I would not and could not venture alone. My trainer concluded that my body had become resistant to the elliptical and treadmill that is why I wasn’t getting any results. Since February, I’ve been meeting with Benji for one hour twice a week. Personal Training exercises/routines are very challenging. The downside is I’ve experienced lots of sore muscles; the upside is I’ve no trouble sleeping at night.
I did run into a major obstacle; the dietitian and trainer have a difference in philosophy towards weighing in on the scale and how I should be eating. After a two week struggle with who was right, I decided that both their point of views had merit.  I made a minor adjustment for the sake of both and have continued counting calories, weighing in and exercising.
My diet plan has been to eat at a deficit. I have curtailed my wine consumption to being a teetotaler (mostly), which is not the right way to use the term; but I love to party and socialize, so this is a major step for me.  I haven’t cut out a lot of any food. I’ve just focused on staying within my calorie range.
I am walking a half marathon this Sunday. This is major for me since I’ve not gone near any athletic course for so long. It feels good to be back.
Thank you True Life Diva, you’re a great inspiration.
Update:  Race photo below.  Sparky, you look fab-u-lous!!!
Sparky Oakland Run Festival 03 2014

****************************************************************************************************** Thanks for checking in Sparky :-).  On Twitter you recently mentioned you’ve added Zumba to your fitness regimen.  I think I see a dance off in the near future :-).  When the pics from your race come in, let me know so I can post an update.  You’ve come a long way, baby!!! Follow me on Twitter and InstaGram   @TrueLifeDiva1 Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss each new post as it publishes. :-D