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Guest Blog: Lizzie’s story Pt 3 the final chapter

Published November 16, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


Guest blog: Lizzies story Pt. 3

By LizzieTishy


Chapter 3 of a 3 part series

At the end of the clinical trials for the natural-thyroid medicine, I was on top of the world. Hadn’t felt this good is years. And I mean many years!  All the annoying thyroid symptoms were gone.  I was sleeping well, no aches and pains, my hair wasn’t clogging up the drain and overall was feeling groovy. About a month later, I followed up with my primary care doc and my labs came back as thyroid levels too high — essentially I went from one extreme to the other very quickly. The clinician warned us that this could happen (possibly due to being over-medicated) and that we should continue to follow up with dr and get lab work.  So I did. My dr said that I didn’t need the T3 meds based on my lab results. He also refused to prescribe the meds from the trial saying the meds would continue to deteriorate my thyroid.  He’s basically against this med saying it hasn’t been on the market for 40 yrs. (true but has been on the rise with new credible studies). Also, since my auto-immune disease is ongoing (never resolved), my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level was really high with the t3 meds.  He suggested I get back on same meds t4 meds but different brand and test again in a couple of months. As life challenges arose I dove head first into fixing other problems thinking I would be fine for a while. Instead I quickly got so tired yet anxious, heart racing for no reason, no appetite, achy joints, very sensitive to cold (imagine freezing and sweating at the same time) and awful debilitating panic attacks (which I detest and will avoid by remaining low key).
I now think my problem is not converting t3 to t4 but more about the nature and makeup of the hormone replacement drug itself.  I read a lot of Dr’s don’t like the natural medicines and many pharmacies don’t even carry it. My research says you may have to find a pharmacist that works in compounding medicines but before going that route you have to find a Dr willing to tweek your lab work (to include adrenal and cortisol testing). It’s very confusing and thanks to another thyroid symptom — brain fog — I’m having a hard time retaining all the info and had to shut down the brain. For now I’m right back to feeling like my gas has run out. I equate the whole experience similar to that of a running car. Mine was a Volkswagen and then I went to a Maserati and now I’m in a Fred Flintstone mobile.
I’m really having a hard time sharing this story because of all the people truly & really suffering with life threatening illness while I’m stuck with a disease that alters my daily life. That’s it.  But at the same time it is affecting the qualify of my life and I just cannot ignore this but also can’t seem to pull myself outta this stupid, stupid funk. And I don’t know the answers anymore. I thought the clinical trail WAS my answer.
And then I look at my hubs who is a quadriplegic with major life challenges and I think what a wimp I am. He wakes up every day with a smile ready to take on the world. I feel awful for my grumpiness. At the end of the day, I do realize and appreciate all my blessings and admire him greatly.  I’ve also been dealing with this for 13 years and I’m just bummed right now.
Since initially writing this, I have eliminated wheat from my diet and do feel better (gluten free).  I have also almost (!) cut out all sugar. That’s a tough one haha. I try to do a 1/2 hr – 1 hr walk in the morning. I found that putting on my headphones and cranking up my favorite tunes helps immensely.
I am still determined to beat this and my next goal is finding a new doc.
You are truly an inspiration.  Love ya! 😉 

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