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Guest blog: And the beat goes on…

Published October 27, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


And the beat goes on… @SparkleNLace

Chapter 3 in the Sparky Chronicles

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And the Beat Goes On…
“…Life is strange with its twists and turns, as many of us must sometimes learn..” That’s a line in a poem that I use to recite as a young woman trying to find her way through life. I guess I said it so many times that I actually began to feel it and believe it.
I have been serious about changing my lifestyle habits, especially the habits that keep me unhealthy. I never imagined that I could suffer an injury from walking, yes, walking. I was in so much pain after one of my walks that I limped home. Injuries are hard to overcome, most times they are counter to whatever I’m trying to do, and it’s challenging mentally.
Once again my Saturday morning ladies came to the rescue. One of the ladies suggested I make an appointment with her chiropractor who would give me a thorough examination. I visited the chiropractor, and I had to stop walking for two months…doctor’s orders! So many obstacles to my idea.
I stopped writing because I didn’t want the posts to spiral downward into a whiny mess. The best part of all of this is I still managed to lose weight. I couldn’t believe it! It means my eating habits are improving.
I’ve been given the green light to walk. I’ve also included a gentle yoga class into my weekly repertoire. I’d love to practice Pilates…but I just don’t have that kind of money.
So, I’m off and running…walking again. Hope to touch base with everyone soon.


Thank you, Sparky for updating on your progress.  Next time, don’t wait so long  (hint hint) 🙂
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