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Guest blog: A journey of a thousand miles…hurts!

Published June 13, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


A journey of a thousand miles @SparkleNLace

Chapter 2 in the Sparky Chronicles

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The Journey of a Thousand Miles…Hurts!

     I’m seeing progress in my healthy lifestyle commitment. I am moving my body and more importantly, I find myself looking forward to my evening walk. My initial attempt to cooperate with my doctor’s orders to exercise didn’t go so well. I signed up for dance style aerobic classes. Dancing seemed like a great way to get my heart rate up; but, the classes weren’t a good fit. I thought the class was going to be based on belly dancing and it was…but it was fused with jerky, Beyonce type steps and hip hop music (You Ain’t Nothing But a Hoochy Mama!, etc).  When the music started, the instructor turned down the lights…and honey that class took off! So much pounding, jumping and booty popping, I could’ve sworn the mirrored walls were undulating! The tapping required to keep time with the movements flared my plantar fasciitis, the choreography was challenging, the class was crowded, and stretching my arms always resulted in me poking someone. This was not what I expected. I had purchased an introductory package of four classes; so, I tried another class, it was for body toning.  The instructor was so conceited the whole experience was surreal. During the entire class she talked to us about her wonderful body and she had us look into the mirrors while we posed and blew kisses at our image…oh brother! The loud music, mirrored wall, kissing my image, was too much sensory overload. I didn’t even use the remaining classes. I let the registration expire.

I started walking through my neighborhood. I live in the flatlands; but the hills are very close. It’s an established section of town; so, there are lots of pretty gardens to admire as I stroll into the hills. I believed the elevation would give me a good work out too. I walked, not too fast, listening to music, it was very enjoyable.  Unfortunately, each morning after I walked, I would wake up to pain in my foot. I was getting discouraged. The pain was almost unbearable. I started to realize that even walking was proving to be a challenge. One evening, after cutting my walk short because of the sharp pains, I went home and I just broke down, I mean if I couldn’t walk what the hell could I do? It is often said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”Anon.  A few days after my woe is me moment (I was still moping); I received an email from a former colleague who walked with a group of women on Saturday mornings. She asked, “Would you like to join us”? I responded, “Yes”. I thought my enthusiasm and disposition would convince my body that this was a good thing and it would respond accordingly.  On Saturday morning, I was the first to arrive at the agreed upon meeting place. I was stoked! Before we began to walk I did admit to the group that I was having problems with my foot. One of the ladies suggested I try the reflexologist that many of the women in the group used. I was intrigued by her suggestion. We began our trek; it was awful! I took so long to finish the trail that a couple of the ladies had driven off before I made it back to the parking lot. The ladies that waited for me were very supportive.  They insisted that I make an appointment with the reflexologist. I was assured that he could address my foot problem. The first two sessions with the reflexologist were excruciating, that man kneaded, poked and prodded, oh it hurt so badly!  I would just bite my lower lip and suffer. I am glad to report that the reflexology sessions are working.  My calf muscles are not tight and sore anymore and the sharp pains in the arch of my feet are almost nonexistent. I can keep up with the ladies on Saturday mornings too; okay, I’m still bringing up the rear… and most of the group takes a detour, walk five flights of steps (twice), catch up to me and pass me up; but, I am keeping pace. I’ve also resumed my evening walks with just a little tenderness the next morning.

Hey, it’s a Tortoise and Hare situation…you know, slowly but surely does the trick!

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Thank you, Sparky for sharing this glimpse inside your world.  We are all cheering for you!
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Everything old is new again?

Published June 11, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


A little something about me…

    I’ve been  on a journey for the last two years.  I, like many African-American women chemically altered my hair texture by relaxing it.  As I’ve gotten older my hair texture has changed and become somewhat thin.  I no longer felt the need to have a perfectly “polished” look, which relaxed hair made easy for me to achieve.  I  wanted to embrace my perfectly imperfect curls and not give a damn what anyone had to say.  But vanity would not allow me to do what is called the “Big Chop” in the natural hair community.  I couldn’t see myself with super short hair.  So I embarked on a journey of growing my hair out, then cutting it when it reached shoulder length.  When I told friends about this, everyone said “No!  Don’t cut your hair!!! We love your long hair!!!”  Um, thank you, I think.  Guess what?  Hair grows back.  The  great thing about getting a bad haircut is it’s only temporary.  So if I regretted going short aka shoulder length, it would only be a matter of months before the problem was solved.  Here is the look I’ve been rocking the last 3-4 years



     So after growing my hair out a little bit, I finally got up the nerve to cut it…



Please excuse my lack of expertise in taking “selfies” but you kinda get the idea of what I’m working with.  So far my new cut and color have been getting rave reviews.  But something was nagging at me.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  And then it hit me.  I’ve had this hairdo before.  Almost identical, the only difference being instead of a headband I wore two barrets on each side of my head ala Tina Turner.

Behold exhibit A:


Now the funny thing is, that guy in the pic with me?  He was my boyfriend senior year.  And he’s also the stylist who cut my hair recently.  You would think he might have noticed the similarities!!!  I’m not trying to bring back the 80’s or look like I did 25 years ago.  What do you think?  Should I change my hair? Or should I just rock with this even if it’s a “throwback”?  Any suggestions?  Let me know! 😉

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