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Guest blog: My life, my choice

Published May 22, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


Today’s blog is written by @SparkleNLace

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Annual Physical Examination – My Life, My Choice

     I received some not so great news from my primary care physician regarding the results of my annual examination.  I was not in the best of health; my vital signs were the only measures that fell within a normal range.  The blood work showed lots of serious issues developing or advancing. The solution, at least to me, was a mixed bag. You are overweight, you are at risk for a (heart attack, stroke, etc); however, you are in your 50s and losing weight is very hard. The challenge, although frightening,  but necessary.  I had to ask myself, what’s it going to be? Should I resign to being a permanent fixture at the doctor’s office and the emergency room or try to become a fit and healthy woman?

My primary care physician is great; although she didn’t sugar coat the probable outcome I would experience if I continued along my sedentary path, she encouraged me to go for the healthy lifestyle. She discussed the benefits of exercising at my age and authorized visits to a dietician.  My doctor also suggested that I reach out to my friends and family for support.  One of the first people I reached out to was the owner of this blog who I know as @LalaSaint on Twitter. I’ve read her tweets for some time now and find her to be a positive and supportive person.  Lala suggested I document my journey on her blog.  This is my first entry.

I’m always captivated by the before and after weight loss pictures people post; so, I took a picture with my iPhone a couple of weeks ago. Let’s just say that I will start posting pictures when I can see a discernible change in my physical appearance. I’m not brave enough to have that one photo on the blog.

The past three weeks have been different. I’m more aware of my habits and slowly changing the practices that are probably contributing to my health challenges. My daughter has gone beyond supportive; she is convinced that boneless, skinless chicken will conquer all! She has been buying, bagging and freezing so much of it.  I am humbled by her enthusiasm. My daughter is also a gadget lover; consequently, I have been schooled on all kinds of apps and lil gizmos that track my activities, one of these devices can record sleep patterns. Wow, not sure if I’m going the electronic gadget route; but, it’s my daughter’s way of saying keep up the good work.

I’m more determined than ever to change the course of my life; it’s one of the reasons I’ve agreed to share my journey.  I’d love kind, encouraging words from people who read my posts. Trust when I say no one can berate me more than I have been beating up on myself.  It’s one of the habits that I have to break.  I think I’ll check in on a biweekly basis.

Thank you Sparky, for sharing your personal journey with us.  We look forward to watching as you win the battle against “the bulge” ;-).  Love you!!!
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Guest blog: The perils of dieting on vacation

Published May 17, 2013 by TrueLifeDiva Sparkles and Shines


Today’s blog is written by my courageous friend Donna.


     Everyone loves going on vacation, all the plans you make, getting the deals on the trip, packing etc. My husband and I vacation about 3 times per year as he works an opposite schedule from me. But there is one thing I dread about vacations and that is staying on plan.
     I always say that I will stick to my plan, I tell myself before I go what I will do, things like I can eat really good food and spend more for that salmon salad etc.  I even found someone to help me stay accountable. My duty was to send photos of my food for each meal for which I pinky swore that I would comply.  This person was Miss Diva herself whom I cornered in the gym with this issue. You see my husband is such an instigator when it comes to food. I used to be his partner in crime, food crime that is, but no longer.
     I cannot stand the feeling of failure and wishing the vacation could end so that I can get back on my food plan. The worst are going on cruises where it seems by the end of it the focus is going to the next buffet. After all, food is for nourishment of my body. It is not my friend, comforter, protector, main source of enjoyment, etc. I want my focus of life to be about living and doing that as long as possible. We all know those around us who live for food and are suffering the consequences of those decisions with illnesses and dying before their time.
     So, with my intention in my mind I left for Hawaii the end of April. The first few days went well. As Diva stated I was doing the 80/20 plan; eating clean 80 percent of the time.  But as the days progressed I did have a few meals that I went overboard on. One night it was the buffet at the hotel for Prime rib and Crab legs.  I don’t remember ever having crab legs except when I worked at the sizzler at least 30 years before. They were very good.  I did overeat that night and suffered the consequences of a food hangover the next day, you know, bloating and stuffed when you wake up in the morning.  Otherwise I did do pretty well most meals. I did have some Malasada donuts a few times which you can only get in Hawaii, which my husband was getting every day and hiding them in the room. After having a few I was done.
     What I did do right was exercise which I recommend you continue your exercise plan on vacation as that will offset a lot of the excess or over indulgence. You might not be able to do everything but I did take a Zumba class, walked every day, swam and snorkeled.
     What I am doing now is a cleanse which gets you back to normal so to speak. I have been eating mostly raw foods about 75 percent of the time. A smoothie for breakfast with fruit, organic greens, dried coconut, fresh ground flax, walnuts and water. For lunch I am having organic greens, homemade vinaigrette and turkey. Snacks are fruit and raw almonds. For dinner whatever I want within reason and not too big of quantities, veggies, meat and a grain. Today I have added Greek yogurt as I feel I need some extra probiotics for my afternoon snack. I have found in the last 4 days I have lost 4 pounds and am feeling a lot better.
I know of people who say they do perfect on vacation and lose weight. For me I am not there yet but I know that I did better this time than I did in times past.  Most of all getting to living is my goal. Doing the things I love to do and getting rid of any hindrances that prevent that from happening. I have one grandchild now and others I am sure in the future. I want to be around to enjoy them.  I want to live that long satisfying life that God has promised to me and that will happen as long as I do my part to exercise, eat sensibly and gradually lose the excess weight. Loving myself in the process makes me feel really good because I am in control of what I eat.
     The weather is getting warmer and many of us will be traveling.  How do plan to stay on track?  Do you plan fitness into your vacation or just throw it out the window and start over when you return home?

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